What is going to happen with Joakim Noah?

Honestly, your guess is as good as mine when it comes to what's going to happen. I can see the Knicks deciding to keep him on the roster as a veteran presence. And I can also see them stretching his contract or trading him. I didn't think trading him was possible because, who would take … Continue reading What is going to happen with Joakim Noah?

Knicks 2018 Summer League Recap

The Las Vegas 2018 Summer League ended for the Knicks on Friday the 13th with a win against the Pelicans 102-83. Even though they only went 2-3 in the league, I think it's safe to say this year was a big success for us as we saw the booming potentials of both Kevin Knox and … Continue reading Knicks 2018 Summer League Recap

5 Reasons to Watch Summer League 2018 as a Knicks fan

The New York Knicks begin their 2018 Las Vegas Summer League adventure on July 7th at 5:30 ET airing on ESPN against the Atlanta Hawks. And it's easy to say the anticipation is mounting as we are waiting to see the debuts of our draftee's Kevin Knox, Mitchell Robinson, and Alonzo Trier (undrafted), and along … Continue reading 5 Reasons to Watch Summer League 2018 as a Knicks fan

New Offseason, New Knicks?

Spoiler alert, I hate to say this but, we will most likey be about the same Knicks team as last year only with the star Kristaps Porzingis coming back from his ACL tear. And a solid rookie with the 9th pick in the draft assuming we don't make any moves on draft day. With the … Continue reading New Offseason, New Knicks?